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Abroad Education servers the pillars to be a successful student, Quality and recognition. Here are some quick points for your basic info:


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The United States of America (USA)

The USA is the "modern-day silk root" for every Financially rich profession. America does not cease from promoting well-renowned education that pays off the investment, some excellent Universities are The University of Havard, Stanford and many more!

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The United Kingdome (UK)

The UK is one of the oldest Educational based locations in the World holding reputed Universities like the University of Oxford, Cambridge and many more. It is also called "the Work-shop of the world". One can pursue their Bachelors in 3 years resulting, in less time consuming and no Compromise in Quality!

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Europe is hands-down the most Sophisticated destination on Earth be it fashion, culinary or music. Europe provides unconditional service to students of multiple calibres. The countryside continent has stood out from all the major study destinations assuring quality, affordability, and most importantly its acceptance towards students with high potentials and the outcast of the UK/USA

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Ireland holds a similar place to Canada, overshadowed by the illustrious history of the UK but is a destination with an unimaginable outburst of Modern exposure holding the high potential to many prominent sectors like IT, Business and medicine and education being a plus..

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Canada is a nation with great potential in the context to its growth in all major professions. Located in the prime western locations Canada is under-judged in comparison to its neighbour. Post-education benefits are almost guaranteed with the investment paying off the value. Some reputed universities are, University of Toronto, UBC and more!

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Australia undoubtedly is an Amalgam of all the major western nations which transforms it into the "One of a kind". The high living standards, diverse influence and laid-back nature make it a match made in Heaven for Students. Every profession can find its Genesis to flourish, some magnificent Universities are The ANU, University of Melbourne and Sydney...

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New Zealand

Over the ends of the earth is the stretch of Western Culture that without end seems to illuminate and one of the Offsprings of this culture New Zealand. Exotic as it appears on the maps so is it's Society, Elite Educational facilities, excellent Health-Care system and a Terra Firma for all the gravitating professions and Education seeking masses.

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One of Asia most prevailing nations, Singapore's quality in context to their infrastructure, their functioning positions them as "World-class". Education is a swagger because of their renowned place. Jude's provides you with Hotel Management programs with confirmed Internships and desired post-education benefits!

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Judees Consultants provides multiple services to people of all ages for various purposes. These categories are aligned in view of the vast masses. We do provide student service to all the major educational destinations. In the previous years, we have secured more than 3,500 visas for Ireland, the USA, Canada and Britain across all streams of education. In recent years, we bought in and discovered the high potential based on education and post-education benefits for students of multiple calibres, in Europe. These services will be elaborated on and segregated on our services pages

Student Visa

Reputed Universities are built to provide the "STAND-OUT" factor in your Careers both Theoretically and Practically.

Tourist Visa

Travel to countries as a tourist, tourist is the commonest reason to travel overseas that bars no age limits

Work Permit

Popularly reffefered as "On Job Visa". Companies from Abroad hire labour of all classes by paying them in their currency

Business Visa

Primary purpose of travel is often as the name indicates Business, this process is commenced by an invitation

Dependent on Spouse

This catogary permits 2 persons to travel in the intention of education for one, the canidates need relation proof.

IELTS / PTE Coaching

The success rate of getting admits in Reputed Institutions and Visa success depend on the english levels of the canidate


Judees Consultants is a brand that promotes and encourages abroad education, and exposure. With 22 years of experience and recognition, we stand as one of the oldest in the south. We have been through the most devastating of times this field has ever faced, and we have evolved and educated ourselves. Our motto from day 1 has been education, striving to meet our customers’ needs, and Honesty. We have earned the trust of our customers and business partners through our transparent processing system. Through the years and with our experience we have cultivated vast and strong agent connections throughout India.

24 Years of Experience

Representing 150+ Universities

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Certified IELTS, PTE, TOFEL Trainers

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Highly Rated

Erwin Vinay Student

From IELTS to applying for the Offer Letter to the Embassy Submission Jude's Consultants have assisted me. I have appeared for IELTS just after 20 days of Coaching and I secured an overall 6. Today I'm is a Successful Student who applied for Master's in International Hospitality and Tourism Management in The U.K

Mohammed Ayub Shareef Student

Due to Low IELTS Score & 5 years Gap, I was Refused.... After this Failure I didn't Give-Up. Judes Consultants recommended me re-write the English Examination (PTE), I scored 65. Within 17 Days I secured the VISA! (3years)


Judees Consultants has manifested many successful pursuits in Ireland throughout our career, we have promoted students from India and Institutions, With 20 years of experience and recognition, we stand as one of the oldest in the south. Throughout the years we have evolved and educated ourselves. Our motto from day 1 has been education, striving to meet our customers’ needs, and Honesty. The following is our Visa Count or success rate across many destinations!

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